Tick Tock

Right now, I am currently about halfway through a novel called Tick Tockjames-patterson-tick-tock-pdf-de63c-193x300, written by James Patterson. I’m not about exactly where I am because I am reading it on my Kindle. For an estimate, I have probably read about 200-215 pages of it. It’s a mediocre book about a detective for the NYPD named Michael Bennett. The bad guy, a man named Berger, leaves a bomb at the New York Public Library disguised as an Apple laptop. It wasn’t meant to go off, yet it left a message on the screen saying that the next one will. If it weren’t for a few little details of the book, it would have been a lot better in my opinion. For example, at one point, the man named Berger follows this woman and brutally killed her. What’s even worse about that is that it was detailed! I skipped over the rest of that page. I just think that the whole section where he does that is completely unnecessary. I guess it showed how evil the man was, but it didn’t have to be so graphic. Overall, I’m not sure if I would recommend this book to most of my peers. It just doesn’t deserve it.

Only 180 Pages Left!

I am so excited! I read a great novel called Deception Point by Dan Brown. I have read all of his books but one, Angels and Demons. This was because at first, my mom didn’t want me to read it because she said it was too dark. Then, I saw the movie which was a mistake because now I won’t ever want to read the book because I know what happened. I suppose I could, but it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining as it would have been. Anyway, this book was great. I won’t say too much about it because the twists are so brilliant. What I will say was that readers will never, ever, see them coming. The main character is a woman named Rachel Sexton, the daughter of Senator Sedgewick Sexton. He is running for president, and Rachel practically works for the current president, Zach Herney, who is running for a second term. She doesn’t get along with her father, so this creates even more tension in the novel. This book has everything a good book should have. It has plot twists, tension between the main characters, and an ending that readers will never see coming, nor forget.Deception-Point

The Summons

Right now, I’m reading a book called The Summons by John Grisham. It’s an interesting book that has a creative plot. However, even though I read a bunch over spring break, it’s a fairly slow read and I’m a little more that halfway through it. I plan to be done pretty soon and I probably won’t be doing more Reading Counts books just because I didn’t like the selection that it offers. Also, many of the books that I enjoy reading weren’t included either. This isn’t a bad book, however it is taking forever to read!

1456 Pages… Done!

200px-SplinterCellFalloutI read a book called Splinter Cell: Fallout by David Michaels. It was a great book and I loved how it kept me interested the whole time I was reading it. The genre was action/adventure and its theme was secret agent/spy. This is definitely my favorite kind of book and I really enjoyed it. It is about an agent named Sam Fisher who has to track down his brother’s killers that have a deadly radioactive chemical called PuH-19. He tracks them all around the world and meets many surprises along the way.
I liked how the author made Sam’s motivation personal since it was his brother that died and how their team is like a family. They make jokes and all know what the other characters are thinking. I really loved this book! It’s not the absolute best book that I have ever read, but it’s definitely the best of the series. If the author’s purpose was to entertain readers, then he definitely achieved his purpose. The writing was great and I loved how it told the story. It was simple yet powerful and entertaining. The strengths of this book are that it kept me interested throughout and it was very interesting and creative. The weaknesses are that there were some grammar errors that I caught.
I would definitely recommend it to a friend since I enjoyed reading it and I think they would too. Also, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people like these kinds of books so most people would like this book. Finally, I liked how the author made the plot personal to the character and made it easier for me to relate to him as a reader. It’s safe to say that it was one of the main reasons that this book was so great.

Only 212 Left to Go!

sigmaprotocolI read a great novel called The Sigma Protocol written by Robert Ludlum. It is one of the best books I have ever read, and it kept me turning the pages like crazy! It’s by the same author who wrote the Jason Bourne books that were turned into some of my favorite movies of all time. It’s about a man named Max Hartman who is a banker in Zurich searching for knowledge about the death of his twin, Peter. When he is there, he sees an old friend from college, but when he greets him, the man turns on him with a gun at shoots. He misses and then chases Max all the way through the city. Throughout the whole book, he is on the run from the police and the FBI because he was framed by the people who sent the assassin for many murders committed around the world.
I loved the book’s writing style. It kept me interested and never knowing what to expect next. As he is uncovering Sigma A.G., he is surprised by all sorts of things along the way. This may have been one of the best books I have ever read. Nothing about it is mediocre or boring. It’s all packed full of action and adventure. My overall response to this book was that I thought it was awesome. It had everything in it that I consider part of a great book.
I would recommend this book to anyone, whether they like action novels or not. It was a great page turner, it had tons of plot twists, and the characters were really cool! Anyone who reads this review should definitely read this book.

416 Pages!

checkmateI read a book called Splinter Cell: Checkmate, which is about a man named Sam Fisher, a Splinter Cell agent. Sam works for Third Echelon, a classified division of the NSA, or National Security Agency. He is a one man operation squad and he completes missions all around the world. Espionage is illegal, so if he gets caught, the government will deny his existence and he will be on his own. It’s not that big of a deal, though, because Sam Fisher is the best.
I liked how the author had lots of plot twists and events that no one saw coming. It was very fluent and painted a picture in my mind like there was a virtual artist inside my head. However, it was somewhat disappointing because there were many grammatical mistakes throughout the book that even I caught. It seems like if the editors had seen them then it would have made the overall book seem more appealing. This is an awesome book and an even better series as a whole, but it’s not the absolute best book I’ve ever read. However, anyone who is in to these kinds of plots would love it. Assuming the author’s purpose was to entertain readers, he did a great job and definitely achieved his goal. The book wasn’t too challenging or difficult, yet it was written well, except for the multiple grammar errors. This book’s strengths were that it keeps the reader turning the pages, it was surprising, and it painted a picture. It would have had barely any weaknesses if it had simply been proofread.
I would definitely recommend it to a friend since I enjoyed reading it and I think they would too. Also, I know that this genre is popular and enjoyable to many people, so it would be safe to assume that most people would enjoy this book. Finally, this is a fairly easy read, but it doesn’t seem too simple, so it can be enjoyed by people at all reading levels.


Today in science class we read about how waves and erosion create shorelines. The waves hit up against the rocks and gradually turn them into sand. I have had experience with this at my cottage in Ontario. A big rock a little bit out into Lake Huron that we named White Rock changes how deep it is in the water a little bit every year. This is because of erosion. It eats away at the rock and turns it into sand so it gradually becomes shorter. Also, when we build sandcastles, they are gone by the next morning because the waves erode them.

Pompeii Movie

In science class we watched a movie about Pompeii. It was an okay movie with a lot of information. It talked about how there was a lot of pyroclastic flow and how it is really hot. We learned about pyroclastic material in class earlier too. It’s 5 times as hot as fire and incinerates everything in its path. Its fumes are poisonous so if you breathe it in, it really hurts your lungs.

1285 Pages! Finished!

In the novel, Splinter Cell, by David Michaels, there is both internal and external conflict. One example of external conflict in this book was how Eli tricked Sarah into thinking that he was on her side when he kidnapped her to lure in her father, Sam Fisher. He drugged Sarah and her friend Rivka despite their trust for him. However, Sarah was rescued by her father in the remote warehouse, but Rivka , unfortunately, was found dead in a back alley. One example of internal conflict was when Zdrok made the internal choice to use his stolen Russian fighter plane to attack Nasir Tarighan’s base. This was internal conflict because the terrorist organization, the Shadows, whose headquarters were at Nasir Tarighan’s base, were Zdrok’s biggest customer. Splinter Cell was an amazing book with tons of plot twists that I would recommend to anyone.